Training and placements

Suman Junior college for girls established in 2001 has a track record of sixteen glorious years. MDS  and V.D. Bajaj Degree college for women was established in 2010. Both the educational institutions have educated around 4000 girl students.

The students graduated from our college have settled in various jobs such as IT firms, banks (ICICI, HDFC, Axis), Teachers, Yoga trainers etc.

The students who have qualified in MPHW(F) and MLT have been absorbed as staff nurses and lab technicians in various super specialty hospitals and diagnostic centres such as:

  1. Krishna Institute of medical Sciences
  2. Archana Hospitals
  3. Raja Hospital
  4. Healix Hospital
  5. Pranam Hospital
  6. Reddy’s Lab
  7. Various diagnostic centers such as Tesla, Vijaya, Kadila, Medquest, etc.

The students of MDS & Bansilal Malani College of Nursing will be trained in various Hospitals. Our parent Hospital is Archana Hospital which is located at Madinaguda, Hyderabad. Other Hospitals are Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Omega Hospital, Sadhu Ram Eye Hospital, Asha Hospital, where extensive training in specialty areas is given to them so that they can work as full fledged Nurses.

After completion of the course, the students have scope to be absorbed in any of the above mentioned Hospitals or other Hospitals as there is a great demand for Nursing Community.