Smt.Suman Krishnakanth, national president of MDS was the founder secretary of the samiti and later became the general secretary. She was also the founder president of Chandigarh branch from 1977-84 and of Andhra Pradesh branch from 1990-97. ln 1993, she was elected as the President of MDS. In Delhi NCR, she has set up several Craft Centres.

Suman Krishnakanth was deeply anguished by the plight of women and children, especially the dowry victims and child labour. To address this problem Family Counseling Centres were set up in various parts of the country.

She has organized several meetings and seminars to create general awareness for women and girls-related issues, anti- liquor moment, women empowerment, domestic violence etc.

In a span of four decades, Suman Krishnakanth has participated in several movements like anti dowry, violence against women, education of girls, prevention of child abuse, empowerment and equality of women.

Her vision is that every girl in India should be educated and empowered.

She has started branches of MDS all over the country – Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Haryana, J & K, Chandigarh, Bihar, Orissa, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. Branches for this cause were established in USA and Nepal too.

She was the member of All India Red Cross Society for seven years.

She has organised National Seminars on the issues related to :

  1. Rights of the Child
  2. The Girl Child
  3. Panchayat Raj (Decentralisation of Power) System and Role of Women
  4. Violence and Women
  5. Vision – 2000 – Education, Equality and Empowerment
  6. 33% Reservation for Women in Politics
  7. Anti Liquor Movement
  8. Drug, Drink & Smoking – Role of Youth

She has also established

  • Working Women’s Hostel for 400 women at Hyderabad.
  • Started four Colleges in Hyderabad
  • Established a Day Care Centre for the aged in 1990 in Hyderabad
  • Established a special training centre for mentally challenged children in Hyderabad (1990)
  • Set up family counseling centres in various parts of the country
  • Set up three Craft Centres in Delhi to train women to be economically independent
  • Established Four Bal Shiksha Kendras each in Mangolpuri. Mehrauli & Rangpuri

She is the Chief Editor of the quarterly magazine viz., “Bhartiya Janani” dealing with women’s issues

She has edited two books in Hindi viz.,  “Women’s Movement in 21st Century”