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Dr Saroj Bajaj – State President MDS discussing a women related issue with former governor Orissa Sri S.N. Reddy

Mahila Dakshata Samiti Activities

Family Counselling Centre

The objective of Family Counselling Centre is to keep the family united. The differences may crop up between husband and wife, father and son, mother and daughter in law or any two family members. Trained counsellors are deputed to deal with these issues.  They patiently hear both sides separately and jointly. After detailed discussions with both the parties, the problem area is identified and appropriate counselling is done. This Centre has been functioning very well and thousands of families have been benefited.

Short Stay Home

This ‘Home’ is being run for women who deserve immediate help or assistance due to damaged relationship in the family. Some women are ill treated by their husbands or in laws, some might have been deceived by their so called lovers, some might have lost mental  balance due to some calamity in close relations. This sort of women need immediate care and empathy. They are given shelter in the short stay home, their problem is diagnosed, required counselling is done and appropriate training is given to them in the area of interest to them which will enable them to face the difficulties boldly and strategically.

Health Care

This is meant for women and children who can’t afford health care on their own. Health camps are conducted periodically in different disciplines through check ups, vaccinations, advice and medicines. Seminars are conducted in various fields of medicines inviting experts.

Premarital Counselling

It is a presumptive measure of an unforeseen problem. Both the bride and bridegroom along with the other members of families of both the sides are given counselling. The areas where problems arise, how the perception should be changed, attitudes to be developed and steps to be taken for  establishing harmonious atmosphere are explained. This sort of counselling has helped many families as per the feedback received. The bride is invited into the family with love and warmth and bride responds with equal  respect and reciprocation towards all the family members.

Legal Aid

When the counselling fails and the woman is in need of legal aid, she is extended help. She is informed about her rights and legal provisions available in her favour. Courage is developed in her through counselling to tackle the situation to her best advantage. Advocates are suggested who are specialist in that area and does the job with care and concern.