Suman Nilayam – Suman Girls & Working Women Hostel

We understand that most of the students who stay away from their parents feel out of place, hence we strive to make a smooth transition by offering a comfortable and safe stay in the campus. The hostel is located within the campus in a serene and calm atmosphere just adjacent to the college. We have the best hostel facility for girls supervised by warden and vigilant security personnel round the clock. The entire hostel campus is monitored by CCTV for the safety and security of the girl students. Our students have the luxury of being located in the heart of the city and yet free from noise and other means of pollution. Every possible effort is made to make students feel more comfortable during their stay in the hostel. A homely and friendly atmosphere prevails in the hostel and at the same time students lead a disciplined life.  There is 24 hours water supply and power supply to the hostel.

To make the stay of the students a pleasant one, various events, activities are conducted with great enthusiasm.

The hostel rooms are equipped with cots, tables, chairs, books racks and cupboards. The rooms are spacious and well furnished.

Recreation facilities are available for both indoor and outdoor games.

There is a play ground where outdoor games such as shuttle, tennis, volley ball etc. can be played.

There is a kitchen where tasty and nutritious food is prepared for the residents of hostel following all the hygienic principles.

A Dining hall with adequate tables, chairs, water coolers, refrigerators etc.

We have a beautiful kitchen garden where the vegetables are grown with natural manure.

After the regular college hours ‘study hours’ are conducted under the supervision of faculty.