The college is located at Gangaram, Chandanagar, Hyderabad in a 3.2 acres land on the National Highway.  College is easily accessible through bus, train or own vehicles.

The college is constructed as per the norms of Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi.

(I) Class rooms:  There are four classrooms for the B.Sc. Nursing programme which are very spacious, well ventilated, well furnished and equipped with the  latest teaching aids.

(ii) Laboratories:  Nursing education includes not only theory classes but also practical classes.  Before the students practice the procedure on the patients, they are taught the procedures related to patient care in the laboratories.  To meet this requirement we have the following laboratories as per INC norms:

  • Nursing foundations Lab:  The college has a nursing foundations laboratory which is very spacious, with 10 beds and manikins. The lab is well ventilated and fully equipped with the lab articles.  All the basic first year procedures are taught to the students in this lab.

  • Medical & Surgical Nursing Lab: This lab is well equipped, spacious and well ventilated.  It has 10 beds with manikins.  All the advanced nursing care procedures are taught here and practised by the students.  It caters to the learning needs of II and III year students.

  • Community Health Nursing Lab:  To prepare the student nurses to render their services in the rural areas/ villages/communities and as a part of community health nursing, the procedures to be followed during home visit and in community are taught in this lab.  This lab is equipped with adequate community health nursing bags.  This lab is spacious, well ventilated and has a seating capacity of 50 for the documentation purpose.  It caters to the II year and IV year requirements of the students.

  • OBG and Pediatric Nursing Lab:  Mother and child health are a single unit and they form a very important aspect of the society.  There are various procedures in relation to mother and child health.  All the procedures pertaining to mother and child are taught here and students can practise the procedures in the lab. This lab is spacious, well ventilated and is fully equipped with relevant models and dummies.  It caters to the needs of III and IV  year students.

  • Nutrition Lab:  Nutrition plays an important role in the health of an individual, whether sick or well.  Therefore in this lab various types of diets such as low salt, low fat, low calories, cardiac diet etc. are taught to the students so that they can educate the patients in hospital, community etc. about the diet to be followed, in health and illness. This lab is fully furnished and equipped with all the required things. It caters to the need of I year students.

  • Computer Lab:   Computers have become a very important part of our lives and Nurses need to have a fair knowledge about computers for documentation of patient record.  To meet this requirement  the college has a good computer lab is equipped with adequate computers.

  • Pre-clinical Science Lab: To make the teaching more effective and learning easier to the nursing students for all the medical subjects such as Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology etc.  a pre-clinical sciences lab is set up with all the relevant, models, specimens, charts etc.  This lab is equipped with models and charts.

(iii) Library :  The college has a rich and extensive library with relevant text books, reference books, titles, journals and periodicals.  There are four computer systems with internet facility and Xerox machine is also available in the library itself. The library is very spacious, brightly ventilated with adequate seating capacity.

(iii) Audio – Visual Aids Room:   An important tool for effective teaching is the use of relevant audio – visual aids.  We have the latest audio – visual aids for teaching apart from models, charts, specimens.  The college has projectors, T V,  computer systems for effective teaching and / learning.

(iv) Auditorium:  The college has a spacious, well ventilated, fully furnished, sound proof and air-conditioned auditorium. Various seminars, workshops, lectures are conducted here.  All the extra – curricular activities/celebrations are conducted here.

(v) Clinical facility:   Nursing is a profession where a nurse needs to be knowledgeable as well as skillful.  Therefore during the student period clinical training is provided to the students at Archana Hospital which is our parent hospital and is just ½ km away from the college campus.  Various specialties such as Cardiology, Neurology, Nephrology, General Medicine, General Surgery, E.N.T., Eye , Skin, Orthopedics etc. are available in the hospital.

For specialty training we have tie up with the best hospitals such as Rainbow Hospitals  (for pediatric and maternity nursing) Omega Hospital (for oncology nursing), Sadhuram Eye Hospital (for ophthalmology), Asha Hospital (for psychiatric nursing).

For community health nursing field experience we have obtained permission and are affiliated to urban PHC (Primary Health Centre),  Serilingampally and Rural PHC (Primary Health Centre), Shankerpally.

(vi) Hostel facility:  The college has hostel facility for the students willing to stay in the hostel.  Spacious, well ventilated, well furnished rooms are provided to the students.  There is 24 hours water supply and power supply to the hostel.

(vii) Kitchen and Dining Hall: Nutritious and well balanced food is prepared by the cooks following all the hygienic principles.  Hot and tasty food is served to the hostel students.  A huge dining hall is available.

 (viii) Kitchen garden:  We have a beautiful kitchen garden where the vegetables are grown with natural manure.

(ix) Play ground:  To strike a balance with studies and sports, there is a play ground, where students play outdoor games such as shuttle badminton, tennis  etc. Indoor recreational facilities such as carroms, ludo, TV etc. are also available.

(x) Bus facility:  During the four years of study, students are taken to different clinical areas and field visits.  We have an exclusive bus facility for this purpose.

(xi) Safety and Security:  The entire college campus and hostel campus is under CCTV surveillance for the safety and security of the students.