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Health care has been identified as public priority and nurses play a central role in delivering health care.

Nurses advocate health promotion, educate patients and the public on the prevention of illness and injury, provide care and assist in treatment, participate in rehabilitation and provide support. No other health care professional has such a broad and service oriented role.

Nurses help families learn to become healthy by helping them understand the range of emotional, physical, mental and cultural experiences they encounter during complicated health conditions and illness. Nurses help people and their families cope with illness, deal with it, and if necessary live with it. In pre and post operative care the role of a Nurse is vital. It is she who meticulously administers the clinical services and helps the patient in recovery.

Nurses have always been at the fore front of change in health care and public health.

They innovate and provide ongoing assessment of peoples health. Their round the clock presence, observation skills and vigilance allow the doctors to make better diagnosis and propose better treatments. Many lives have been saved because an attentive nurse picked upon early warning signs of an upcoming crisis like cardiac arrest, respiratory failure and other ailments as such.

In India there is 40-50% shortage of nursing personnel due to increasing demand for nurses, nursing and allied services in the health care sector across the country and globally.

Our college is located at D.No: 1-56/B/2/2, Survey No: 302, Gangaram, Chandanagar, Telangana state. The College was inaugurated on 24/12/2016 by the Honorable president of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee.

The college is recognized by the Government of Telangana. G.O Ms. No: 30 dated 6-5-2016. The college is affiliated to Kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Sciences, Warangal. It is approved by Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi and Telangana state Nurses, Auxiliary Nurse Midwives & Health Visitors Council, Koti, Hyderabad.

The college is located in a calm and serene atmosphere spread over 3.2 acres. The college has spacious, well ventilated classrooms with the state of art equipment , well equipped nursing laboratories according to INC norms, experienced and qualified  faculty, extensive clinical attachments for comprehensive learning, spacious library with good collection of books, journals and internet facility.

Archana Hospital Pvt Ltd a 100 bedded multi-specialty hospital is the parent hospital which is just ½ km away from the college campus.


The Philosophy of our college of nursing is consistent with Kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Sciences. The College philosophy is based on the client, environment, health, nursing profession and education.

The staff of college of nursing believes that every individual is unique and is dynamic. Every individual has the right to make decisions with regard to acceptance of health care. Health is viewed to be dynamic and every individual transits from wellness to illness and vice –versa. Nurses play an important role in maintaining and managing the health of the client.

The faculty of college of nursing believes that nurses need to be abreast with the latest knowledge, clinical skills, and technology and be more independent in delivering nursing care. We believe that nursing is  assessing , planning, implementing and evaluating the nursing care rendered to the clients for both potential and actual health problems. We believe that education is a lifelong process and nurses need to keep learning and achieve greater heights in professional life. We believe that graduates of this college will be competent to render the best care in hospitals and community both nationally and internationally. We believe that the graduates of our institution will be able to handle various roles such as a bed side nurse, specialty nurse,  community health nurse, administrator, educator, researcher and be an  agent of  change in the health care delivery system. We believe that graduates will practise nursing profession by adhering to code of ethics and  professional conduct.

Vision: The College believes to prepare the graduate nurses to practise and render nursing services with holistic and humanistic approach based on scientific rationale. The college believes to prepare nurses to be independent and be a role model and a change agent in the health care delivery system.

Mission: The Mission of our institution is to identify, motivate and impart nursing education to the students from rural areas so as to empower them and to uplift the standards of the society and hence achieve all round development of the society. Pursuing nursing education will empower women physically, mentally, socially, spiritually and financially.


Upon completion of B.Sc. (Nursing) degree programme the graduates are expected to:

  • Demonstrate competence and acquire nursing skills in practice of nursing in hospital, community, industry, school health etc.
  • Render quality, tender loving care with utmost devotion and compassion to the sick and needy people.
  • Effectively assess, plan, implement and evaluate the nursing care given to the patients and act as a change agent in health care delivery system.
  • Acquire adequate skills in teaching, management and establishes good interpersonal relationships with the members of the health team.
  • Provide promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative health services to the people.
  • Exhibit leadership qualities.
  • Demonstrate skills in conducting nursing research, interpreting and utilizing the findings.